Stay vigilant and talkative.
Be brave and active.
Stay hopeful, resourceful.

Let your tongue be your only weapon,
always a pen in your hands-on,
to carry on your own reason,
without neglecting among all reasons,
that there’s no just one season, one religion, one decision.

Be open: open-eyed, open-hearted, open-minded!

Never let yourself be ballot-stuffed,
by your deceptive proxy, or any dishonest man, without being asked.
Never let your mind be trapped
between the supposed minor malus,
and your own inner precious bonus.

Feel free from your induced outer leader.
Try you to be you yourself‘s Leader.

And I must confess, this should be the manifest:
Choose yourself and be now your first next!
Free your mind from ideology’s context.
Create your own independent cell
Out from the mass-thinking and the external carousel.

Stay vigilant and talkative.
Be brave, active; rather re-active!
Stay hopeful, resourceful.

Stay human, man. Be aware.

(Damascus, Syria, March 2018)

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